Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Part III

Before we left the hospital, I just HAD to decorate Diva's room for Christmas!  I was working under some serious conditions but I think I pulled it off.  

You are not allowed to hang anything from the ceilings, tape anything to the walls, or puncture the walls.  I ended up clearing off her shelves and decorating them.

You are not allowed to plug anything into the outlets because of safety hazards.  I ended up paying a whopping $14 for a 40 count, LED, battery operated, strand of lights.  They've been quite the hit!  Apparently, other families have wondered where I got them.  Every couple of days there's a nurse asking me where I got them because a family would like to get some.  I'm glad that I'm spreading some holiday cheer!

The shelf in her bathroom has a little bling, too.

The closet had to be decorated as well.  I hope Miss. Sophia likes her room.  I sure do!

Here's the mommymobile all lit up for the holidays!  The roof rack required more garland than the roof rack on my old odyssey.  Therefore, we had to make a 10:30PM run to Wal Mart for more garland.  Jeremiah even decorated the cross bars.  Mr. Man did a great job!  Thank you, J  :o)


Jalei & Lane said...

Love the decor!

Lisa M said...

Beautiful decorations!! So great that the girls are able to come too.

Jami said...

Very festive!