Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break was interesting this year.  We started off celebrating my birthday and ended by celebrating Jeremiah's birthday.  Liz went to KS and Jeremiah's sister kept Scarlett and Savannah for a few days.  

I woke up and discovered that Jeremiah wrote "the world was graced" on the calendar.  I thought that was the sweetest thing!  Mr. Man took me to a hibachi grill for dinner.

As tradition would have it, I treated myself to a new phone.  Actually, I got it Jan. 2nd because I couldn't wait until my birthday.  It is my very first smart phone and I have grown to love it!  Depending on the day, Scarlett and Savannah can navigate through it better than I can!

After Scarlett got her haircut, Savannah got her 1st haircut!  Well, it was more of a trim.  I don't think she was quite sure on how to feel about it.  

I went to visit Sophia Lynette and found her like this.  Just relaxing and enjoying life.  She is so precious!!!

The night we picked the girls up from my sister in law's house, there was an incident.  We're in the living room and after a series of events, we discovered that my nephew cut Scarlett's hair.  I guess he was combing her hair and decided to cut it.  I didn't even think about taking a before picture.  Amazingly, the stylist missed the strands on the left.  I didn't notice it until we gave her a bath.  You can see how much had to be cut.  The floor was covered with her hair.  I've been wanting to get it cut but haven't had time to take her.  This incident finally forced me to take her in.  I didn't want it this short but we had no choice.  Luckily, it worked out in the end.  Scarlett and I love it!  I still love my nephew, too :o)

Baby girl got a passy-muir speaking valve!  Now, we can hear her coo, laugh, and sneeze!  You could hear her a little bit before but her sounds are more distinct with it.  I saw her sneeze often but I heard it for the first time and it was wonderful.  This is only one of many videos that I have of her with her new valve.  She only wears it a few minutes a day several times a day.  It's part of her speech therapy and she does great when it's on. 

Sophia's St. Patrick's Day artwork.  

Jermiah's birthday!  He is WAY more low key than I am.  We didn't too much.  He spent the latter part of the evening picking up Liz from the airport.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Sophia Lynette went on the LTV (laptop ventilator) on Monday, YAY!  She has worked long and hard to get this point.  This vent works differently than the one that she was on.  With this vent, she has to work differently/harder to breathe.  It's been 48 hours and she is still going strong.  That's my girl!  Unfortunately, she has diarrhea and is dehydrated.  Who knows what caused it but she has it.  For now, we'll just rejoice that she is doing well on the LTV.   

 This is the LTV that she will come home on.  No, she is not coming home soon.  However, this is a huge step that needed to happen for her to come home.

She is happy...happy...happy!!!  I LOVE IT!!!