Sunday, February 17, 2013

Surgery #8 - Partial Bowel Obstruction

We arrived at the hospital to visit our sweet baby girl.  The nurse told us that she had had a rough morning.  Sophia had several poopy diapers and spiked a temperature overnight.  

I noticed that her belly was extended.  I didn't like it and I knew it had to be something.  One of the nurses who didn't even have Sophia said that we can stop her feedings for an hour or so.  Her reasoning was to give Sophia's stomach a break.  Later that night, she was placed on iv fluids and off her feedings completely.  

Tuesday, all kinds of tests were administered.  Pockets of air were discovered on her x-rays that indicated that she may have gas.  Given her history with necrotizing enterocolitis, aka nec, one more test was ordered.  After her feedings stopped, she seemed to be doing better.  She was as happy as she could be!  

 This is what her belly looked liked after her feedings stopped.  It looked much better but it was still extended.

This was my first time seeing her smile since her birthday.  I was so happy that she was starting to feel like herself again.

I LOVE our tender moments!

She's off to radiology for one more test.  Some type of fluid was injected into her rectum that eventually made it to her intestines.  Side note, I do believe that test was one of the most fascinating test that Jeremiah and I have seen with this girl.  God bless technology.  Anyway, this fluid allowed the doctors to see how well Sophia's intestines were functioning.  

Apparently, a portion of her intestines was kinked like a garden hose. Because of the kink, food, gas, poop, etc., was not moving like it should.  This caused everything to back up and make her belly swell.  Surgery would be the only way to repair her intestines.  Surgery #8...was on Valentine's Day.

Sorry the pic is blurry but here she is in radiology.  Can you see how big her belly is?  They turned her every which way they could to get that fluid moving.  We could see the fluid in her intestines on the monitor.  It was like watching a live x-ray instead of a still shot on film.

 Surgery day.  As big as her belly was, she was in good spirits.  We usually follow her as far as we can go.  Just before they turned the corner and was out of sight, Sophia was just smiling and kicking away.  I loved it!  I should've taken a picture of it but I was enjoying the moment.

We went down the cafeteria to eat and Jeremiah fell asleep.  We were so tired.  It was a stressful and emotional week.

She's alive!  She went into surgery at 2PM and came out at 5PM.  There were no complications and baby did great!  Her belly looks so much better.  I hope she feels better in a few days, too.

She was OUT!  The tape on her belly is where the incision was made.

Miss. Sophia, I love the size of the fight in you!  Her will to live is amazing.  She's managed to dodge another bullet.  I hope next week is calmer.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sophia's 1st Birthday

Miss. Sophia Lynette turned one year old last Saturday!  Naturally, we had a huge party with tons of family and staff and it was awesome!  I told her and everyone else that we needed to keep this baby happy and alive through Saturday.  All last week I kept telling Sophia no funny business.  She was not to get sick, code, or go to PICU before Saturday.  This child has deserved a party and was going to have one.  And par-tay is what we did!  

She did okay but she didn't smile much like I was hoping she would.  She wasn't her usual playful self but I thought that she was just tired and worn out from the craziness.  Anyway, it was a good day and she never got distressed and I was so thankful for that.  Happy birthday Miss. Sophia!!!

My dad.

Jeremiah's mom.

The girls and their cousins.


Jeremiah's sister, Diana.  As you can see, the goofy gene runs on the Prickett side of the family.

Sophia even had her own cupcake with a #1 on it.

Shortly after this picture we sang happy birthday.  Then, it was time to dive into the cake.

  She still doesn't eat via her mouth but she loves to suck her fingers.  I put some icing on her fingers hoping that she would go to town but she never got into it.  It was a long shot but I had to try.  Maybe she'll be eating and swallowing buy her 2nd birthday.

At some point the icing must have hit a sweet spot because she opened her eyes wide open!

 I love the eyelashes!

Getting tired or getting over the cake.

Then we moved on to the presents.  I used my hands to help guide her to open her presents.

I was thrilled that she got plenty of new clothes that were 18 months.  She started wearing 18 months clothes a few weeks ago.  She's a big girl and I love it!

She also got plenty of toys.

Some of the NICU nurses (Elizabeth, Cris, Angie, & Samantha) stopped by, too!  That was a nice surprise. 

Happy birthday baby girl!  Congratulations on making it to your first birthday!  We sure love you!!!

We pulled into the garage and the girls were out.

Sophia was kind enough to share her balloons with her sisters.