Friday, January 2, 2015

Scarlett's Kindergarten Days

These are just some things that I want to remember about Scarlett in 20 years.

Scarlett's first homework assignment was to learn to write her name in a handwriting style called d'nealian.  It was a little challenging for her to get use to it because she had her own style.  Her d'nealian handwriting isn't perfect but it is definitely improving.  This was on the second day of school.

A month after school started, she had to do an "All About Me"project.  Parents could assist but the students had to do everything themselves.  My favorite part was her putting "I love Jesus" on there first :o)

This one tickles me!  For several days in a row, Scarlett would come home and tell me how she wasn't the line leader for that day.  It made her so sad.  So, I gave her a little advice.  I told her that she needed to run even faster to her teacher.  She did and for several days she was always line leader and was SO happy.  I told her that it was okay to let someone else be line leader, too.  Then Scarlett told me that another girl was really struggling to be line leader.  Do you know what my child did?  She let this girl be line leader a few times.  I loved that!  I'm loving kindergarten just as much as Scarlett is.  Anyway, I managed take to this picture through the window one day when I pulled into the carpool lane.  There she is.  First in line!  Love it!

Volunteering at school is a breeze since younger siblings are welcomed.  I always pack a lunch for Savannah so that the two of them can eat lunch together.  Savannah is a huge hit with Scarlett's class.  Those kids crack me up giving her hugs.  Savannah and Scarlett's teacher even hug each other.  You'd thought she was actually in Scarlett's class!  Good times!