Monday, March 3, 2014

Sitting, Standing, & Snot

Sophia has been making quite a bit of progress lately.  She's been sitting, occasionally.  When she wants to, she'll stand with assistance.  She's been sick a few times but we've managed to keep her out of the hospital.  I love Texas.  I really do.  But the extreme temperature changes are so hard for Sophia.  It was 80 degrees on Saturday and we woke up to 16 degree weather this morning!  I don't mind it but Sophia sure does.  Too much humidity produces a ton of secretions.  Too little humidity dries her up.  To my surprise and pleasure, she's handled the extreme temperate changes like a champ!  She's hasn't been terribly runny.  Anyway, here's what she's been up to.

On Jan. 4th Jeremiah yelled for me to come into Sophia's room.  I got there and saw this.  Sophia was sitting up!  Usually, we have to prop her up or sit her up in her chair.  I didn't think she was that far along with physical therapy.  I guess she was getting stronger than it appeared.  It's like she decided to sit up and she sat up!

The girls are always proud when Sophia accomplishes anything.  It's the sweetest thing to see.

Here she is in action!

This picture was the week of Thanksgiving.  We work on weight bearing a lot.  Our pt usually has to stand behind Sophia to support her.  She had to support Sophia's body, knees, and feet.

 Three months later...she has her feet planted firmly on the floor!  This was on February 27th.  Look at our girl go!  She's only being stabilized at her hips and has some support on her back.  She's doing great and I love it.  I'll be glad when she starts walking.  It's a little tiring carrying around a two year old that is 23 pounds and is unable to walk.  The bright side?  I am getting a nice little workout.  My biceps are looking great :o)

Because it's cold and flu season, mixed with the extreme temperature changes, Sophia gets a lot of snot.  Her sinuses get bad just like most of us.  Hers are typically a lot worse because of her medical issues.  She constantly has stuff coming out of her nose and mouth.  We stay busy trying to keep her clear.  Poor baby!    

I am an equal opportunity mother.  Having said that, I recorded this solely for my entertainment.  If she wasn't a special needs child, I would've recorded it.  Why should I not record these moments just because she is a special needs child???  It gets really good at the :19 mark.  She was sleeping so hard that the ventilator had to exhale for her...continuously.  Enjoy!