Sunday, May 26, 2013

PICU & Standing Up

On April 22nd Sophia went down to the PICU.  She caught a couple of viruses and couldn't fight them.  This time around was so hard.  She was put on steroids to keep the air sacs in her lungs open.  She was also on continuous breathing treatments.  As a result, she would flail and thrash around all over the place.  One day I noticed that she had a bloody scab on her tongue.  She either bit herself or smacked herself while having an episode.  One day she head butted me in the Adam's apple. It hurt.  

I spoke to the doctors and nurses and voiced my concern that she wasn't acting herself and that something was wrong.  I knew, I knew, I knew, it had to be drug related.  The doctors reviewed all of her drugs and decided to stop the steroids.  Apparently, the steroids and the breathing treatments were causing some serious side effects...irritability.  Baby girl was going crazy.  The next day she slept all day and I'm certain that she didn't even know that I was there.  After three days or so, she was back to herself.  

On her last day in the PICU, the physical therapist and occupational therapist came by for one last session.  They wanted to work on Sophia standing up and I was all for that.  It started out rough but Sophia Lynette finally found her groove!  

 Despite the look on her face, I LOVED seeing her vertical!

Unfortunately, we couldn't put her on the floor.  So, I grabbed a board book so that she could stand on a hard surface.  Eventually, she started settling in.

She was pushing through and I was so proud of her.

Doesn't she look like a big girl?!  Love it!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My New Hairdo

A few months after Savannah was born, I entertained cutting my hair off.  I was super busy with the kids and only found time to comb my hair maybe twice a week.  Sunday for sure because I was going to church and another day because I was tired of looking a mess.  Or, because I had somewhere important to be.  

Over the past year I have only combed my hair on Sundays.  Why?  I'm too busy or too tired to deal with it.  I have to wash it.  Blow dry it. Flat iron it.  Then style it.  To flat iron it took thirty to forty minutes...easy.  So I spoke to Jeremiah and he encouraged me to cut my hair.  But I would chicken out and get it relaxed or my hair stylist would talk me out of it.  

After having another conversation with Jeremiah, my mom, and my sister, I strongly considered cutting my hair.  I was in limbo...again.  Then last Thursday happened.  I looked into the mirror and was not pleased with myself.  I looked a mess.  I barely recognized myself and wondered "where the heck is Gwendolynette?!"  I was tired of not combing my hair.  Day after day I was tired of looking at my two inch ponytail.  I wanted something easy and low maintenance.  With my very full plate, now I'm worried about my hair?!  Ain't nobody got time for that!  With Savannah in tow, I headed to Great Clips and by all means my hair was getting cut.

Here's the aftermath.  Surprisingly, when the first snip happened I didn't flinch or have any regrets.  To be honest, it was a huge relief.  That's when I knew that I made the right decision.  That young lady spent over twenty five minutes trying to talk me into wearing extensions or a weave before she started cutting.  She failed and I made her cut my hair anyway.

TA-DA!!!  I asked my dad and my brother for their barber's name and number so that he could shape and edge my hair like only a barber can.  He hooked me up and I love it!

I get up in the mornings and it takes me five minutes to do my hair.  I use a little oil, brush it, and I'm ready to go.  I should have done this years ago!  My biggest relief was when I looked at my head afterwards and discovered that it didn't have a wonky shape.  I had no idea what was underneath all of that hair but I'm glad it worked out :o)

As I start this new chapter in my life, I must say farewell to my flat iron and blow dryer.  We've had some good, bad, and frustrating times.  You've been good to me over the years but I just don't have time for you anymore.  I needed a hairstyle that was low maintenance so that I can focus on other things and feel good about myself while doing them.  I've been able to sleep in a little bit longer.  I wash my hair in about five minutes and spend another three minutes putting in the leave in conditioner.  That's it and I'm done.  It's been a great run and I'll always remember you and love you.

This entire experience was not just about cutting my hair.  It was also about gaining some time in my life.  Particularly, a little more sleep and time with the family.  I'm so glad that Jeremiah is loving my new hair, too.  So far the change has been good and I've been getting rave reviews.  Is it bold?  Absolutely.  Anything less would be inferior for Gwendolynette :o)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scarlett's 4th Birthday

Scarlett turned four years old on April 14th, yay!  There are so many reasons why I love her.  She is such a big girl helper and wants to help me do anything.  She is tender, loving, and kind.  Her mean streak isn't as bad as Savannah's and I'm exceedingly grateful for that.  Sometimes she moves sooo slow and it drives me crazy.  She gives the best hugs and kisses.  Plus, she's really cute :o)

We had a party with her class the Thursday before her birthday.  It was her teachers idea and I was all for it.  My only part?  To bring the cake!  Mrs. Talley took care of everything else.  I was ALL over that!!!  She really is the best!

From Walmart and it was pretty good. 

Savannah was invited to sit at the head of the table with Scarlett.

This was so cute.

Of course Savannah had to help.

When I told her that we were done taking pictures, she was happy to finally have some cake.  She was so patient and was rewarded well.

Naturally, we had to have cake on her birthday.  Jeremiah baked a strawberry cake and Scarlett loved it.  She's into anything strawberry these days.  We pretty much celebrated Scarlett's birthday all weekend and it was so much fun!

Jeremiah put and "S" and stars on her cake.

She got a bike for her birthday and I had to get Savannah one, too.  Otherwise, both girls would be fighting over Scarlett's bike.  The solution?  Get each one a bike...and helmets.