Monday, September 2, 2013

Discharge Day

August 6th was Sophia's last day in the hospital, YAY!  The child life specialist threw her a party and people from every unit that Sophia has ever been in came by for the festivities.  There was cake, presents, awards (they even gave me an award), and plenty of socializing.  

 Kendra (pt), Jamie (ot), Kenia, Randi, Amber, and Tracey.

 Enjoying her cake.

All of the staff in the TCU signed a pillow case for her.

 Angie and Gracia from NICU.

Discharge took forever!!!  To be fair, going over her 18 month history took a while.  Once we were done going over everything, we were free to go!

 There were several people that were assisting us out because baby girl had so much stuff from the last 18 months.  Plus, we had all of the presents from her party.  I was moving so fast trying to get the heck out of dodge and apparently I lost some people.  Seriously, why would I be poking around?!  LET'S GO!!!

 Her nurse finally caught up and I was on the move again!  

 Suddenly, I started having mixed emotions.  This was my last walk across the sky bridge. Awesome, right?!  But, after crossing that bridge everyday (except the day of the tornado) for the last 18 months, I was a little sad that I wasn't going to be doing it any more.  

I quickly got over that.  It was full speed ahead!  Then I lost Sophia's entourage...again!  I didn't know about everyone else but Sophia and I were going home!  I didn't stop until I got to the mommymobile. 

Safe and sound and ready to roll.  This was her second time outside and I think she is taking it all in.

 Have I ever mentioned how much I love her smile?!

We finally made it home at 5:17PM!  We were so tired yet full of energy.

Our last order of business?  Cutting off my parent ID band.  Our baby girl finally came home :o)