Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guess Who's Coming Home?

SOPHIA!!!  That's right folks.  Miss. Sophia Lynette is coming home next Tuesday on August 6th!  I am cautiously optimistic that next Tuesday will certainly happen.  This is the closest that we've come to bringing her home.  I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worse.  She very well could sick tonight and end up in PICU.  Then we may not talk about her coming home until Halloween.  The reality is that her lungs are fragile and the condition of her health can go from good to bad to critical without any notice.  Y'all have been on the ride with us and know what I am talking about.  Anyway, here are some photo's from the last two weeks.  Please pray for us that next Tuesday will happen and she will be well enough to come home!

 This was the day that we went outside.  We roomed in at the hospital and took her back to her regular room in the red wagon.

 While we were rooming in, she did the most incredible thing.  Jeremiah and I were next door preparing for her next round of drugs when we heard her toy go off.  I looked and him and yelled "that's baby!"  I knew exactly what she had done.  We found her batting at her toy!  For her, that is a lot of coordination and muscle work.

 We've been working on this for months and everything had come together.  Way to go little mama!

On another day of physical therapy she was working on trunk control.  Suddenly, she decided to prop her hands up and listen to her PT and I talk.  She just joined right in and it was cute.

When I arrived on another day, I found her leg like this.

Then I realized that she was sleeping.

Sleeping very hard mind you.  I love to watch her sleep.

I finally woke her because I was taking so many pictures.  Side note:  she is breathing on her own.  Look at her trach.  She's not on her ventilator and she's not getting any oxygen.  Go girl!

 Scarlett's sunglasses were in my purse and I decided to play dress up.

She found her groove fast!  She was in full diva mode and I couldn't get enough of it. 

 Yesterday she grabbed her foot for the first time.  Then she grabbed the other one!  We've been working on so many things in physical therapy and occupational therapy for so long.  It's truly exciting when she does something that she's worked so hard on.

Working so hard to sit up.  One day she day she will. 

Just because she looked angelic after her bath.