Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Summation

Here's a recap of our summer!

On July 4th we headed out to see fireworks!  This was Sophia's first fireworks show and she loved it.  It's interesting how things work out.  Sophia wasn't suppose to be there.  The nurse was late and we promised to take the girls.  Time was ticking away and we needed to decide whether to take Sophia or let everyone stay home.  At the last minute we decided to go.  We hustled and got Sophia packed to travel.  I was nervous about what kind of crud would be in the air but she did great!  She loved the boom that the fireworks made and had such a great time.  She was SO excited.  Scarlett started dancing in her chair because she had such a great time, too.  It was a great night :o)

On July 17, 2014, Sophia Lynette went to church for the first time!  YAY!!!  Because she was doing better and after she got weaned off the vent, our nursing hours were cut big time.  We decided that we would get rid of her Sunday day shift, along with her Monday through Friday night shifts, and take her to church with us.  The thought of taking her to church made me nervous for many reasons.  The temperature and humidity is different at church than at home.  What if that set her lungs off?  Then, I was concerned about people touching her and breathing on her.  Then, what if there was an emergency?!  Being away from home and the hospital put us, mostly me, out of my comfort zone.  THEN, there was the noise from her equipment to considered.  I was concerned whether or not we would be a huge distraction for others.  With all of that being said, the bishop and I came up with a plan.  Let me tell you, after many prayers and careful preparation, we executed our plan perfectly!  Heck, even I was impressed with us!  I am exceedingly grateful that the Lord has placed so many caring and loving people in our lives.  Having a special needs child would be more difficult if we didn't have the support that we have.  So, thanks everyone!  Love ya!!!

Two days later, missy was crawling all over the place.  She can't crawl on all fours so she commando crawls.  One day I was cooking and I heard this slapping on the floor.  I turned around and there she was all proud of herself.  She crawled from the living room to the kitchen.  I think she heard me and wanted to be where I was.  It was awesome!

Oh yes.  Then there was this.  Jeremiah decided to build a shed for his tools and lawn equipment.  At one point, the girls came running in and said "daddy ran into the door!"  I should've known something was up.  Moments later, here comes Jeremiah with several cuts on his face.  Apparently, he put that tool, above in the picture, on the door while trying to install the door.  He squatted to do check on something.  When he stood up, he forgot it was there and it cut his face.  Sigh.  Here we go again.  Eventually, we got him all cleaned up and Savannah kept a close eye on him.  Geez, Jeremiah.  Until next time.  

One day it was too hot to go outside.  That's when the girls decided to play dress up.  They got dressed up all by themselves and I couldn't resist taking pictures of them.  At that moment, I just wanted to capture their youth, their innocence, and them being sisters.  I love my munchkins!