Monday, October 28, 2013

Man Cave Gone Wrong

Five girls in the house and Jeremiah feels that he needs a quiet spot.  Usually, he would go and sit in the Porsche for a few minutes.  But now, we know where to find him.  Since we have plenty of attic space, he has decided to convert a portion of the attic into his man cave.  Last weekend he was in the attic messing around and the sub floor broke.  Before he could get off the sub floor the drywall broke.  I heard the noise but didn't think much of it because he always make noise when he's in the garage.  Granted, it was louder that normal but whatever.  

When he came inside, he told me had good news and bad news.  I always choose to hear the bad news first because the good news softens the blow.  The bad news was that there was a hole in the ceiling.  I immediately ran to the garage and saw this.

I know it's the garage but I don't care.  I don't want a hole in ANY of my ceilings.  Especially, in a house that we've only been in for six months!

The house came with a tank water heater but we removed it just before Sophia Lynette came home.  When we moved, Jeremiah wanted to bring the tankless water heater from the old house.  In order to get to the man cave, the tankless is going to have to be moved upstairs.  Why?  He needs this space for the stairs to his man cave.  Now he has to move the heater again.  In case you're wondering, he hasn't set himself on fire again...yet.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sophia's New Glasses

Last month Sophia Lynette had an appointment at the ophthalmologist.  He explained to me that she was cross eyed, farsighted, and had the potential to lose her vision because of her brain bleeds.  He wanted to put her in glasses and follow up with her in November.  His hope is that her eye muscles will strengthen and start to work in unison.  To accomplish this, she has to wear her glasses whenever she is awake.  On 9/11 Sophia had new eye wear!  For the first few weeks she did great.  Within the last three weeks Sophia has wanted nothing to do with her glasses.  Jeremiah wanted to know if they were "real" because "they look like they came out of a cracker jacks box."  Several people has asked if they were prescription glasses and I inhale, smile, and say yes.  Everyone responds by saying how cute she looks...and she is very cute with them on.  Here's how the glasses have been going.

This was day number four.  So comfortable in the glasses that she falls asleep with them.


Suddenly, things took a turn for the worse.  Last week she and I had it out over the glasses.  I put them on and she slid them up...looking right at me.

 Wait for it...

Wait for it...

 Then she erupts and refuses to wear them!

Still refusing.

 Calmed down to take a breath.

Back to refusing and is MAD!

Then I decided to leave her alone before her heart rate and blood pressure started reaching dangerous levels.

She was perfectly content with those glasses off her face and on her head.

 Not sure what is going on here but I'm pretty sure she's winning.

I decided to concede and Sophia wins again.  Dang baby!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sophia's 1st Week Home

Life around here was CRAZY for the first four or five weeks after Sophia came home!  The hospital was suppose to send us home with all of her meds but everything wasn't there.  I spent the rest of the day and night trying to get those prescriptions filled at Walgreens and CVS.  Then, my front door turned into a revolving door.  There were so many people dropping by.  Nurses, health care company, therapists, DME company delivering supplies that was missing from our order, etc.  Then, the phone would not stop ringing because insurance or a doctors office was calling.  Next, I had to schedule ALL except one of her follow-up appointments.  The really exhausting part was/is scheduling her appts. around her therapy sessions, Scarlett pre-school hours, and me going to the gym.  Don't judge.  I have a lot to do and this my way of having "me" time...doctors orders, too...just off the record.  Obviously, we are more than ecstatic to have Sophia home.  It's been nice not having to drive to the hospital everyday.  However, when she was in the hospital, there were several people that did all of the handling and scheduling.  Now, I have to do it ALL.  Anyway, miraculously, everything is working out!  

My body was so sore for the first two days because of the stress I was under after she came home.  To help me out, Jeremiah offered to cook dinner.  Somewhere along the way, Liz wanted to help.  Having them cook lasted about two weeks.  I was done after they started fighting over who would do the dishes and who would cook what on which night.  Sigh.  I'm back to cooking and peace has been restored.

My family kept Scarlett and Savannah for the first two days after Sophia came home.  That was a huge help!  The pictures below are from the first week of Sophia being home.  The girls LOVE their sister!  They play with her, sing to her, hold her, and read to her.  It is the sweetest thing to watch.  Liz was still in Kansas and didn't come home until a week later.  They are some serious big girl helpers.  They turn equipment on and off.  They go and get something when I ask them to.  They have been so patient and have adjusted well since Sophia came home.  Amen for that!

 After a week of being home, we felt risky and brought her downstairs to join us for dinner.  It was fun watching her adjust to a new environment.

Another day we were off to the park...doctors orders!  It felt good to have the girls together in one place that wasn't in the hospital.

 We have to stay away from mass crowds...doctors orders.  I am more than willing to comply if that means keeping her lungs healthy and minimizing her exposure to people, germs, bacteria, etc.  However, fresh air is always welcomed.  She loved the park and I think she had a great time.

 Then she got tired and we packed up and left.  We stayed for almost an hour and she did great.

 Later that evening she started crying for a reason that I can't remember now.  This was our second time seeing her cry real tears and I wanted to capture the moment.  The first time was after heart surgery when she cried silently.  Remember that one?

 Scarlett was getting sad because her baby was sad.  Scarlett is sooo good with Sophia.

More the other eye.  I finally stopped taking pictures and comforted her.   

Doing baby stuff with daddy.  Daddy makes everyone feel better.

Happy to be home with her family!