Sunday, May 26, 2013

PICU & Standing Up

On April 22nd Sophia went down to the PICU.  She caught a couple of viruses and couldn't fight them.  This time around was so hard.  She was put on steroids to keep the air sacs in her lungs open.  She was also on continuous breathing treatments.  As a result, she would flail and thrash around all over the place.  One day I noticed that she had a bloody scab on her tongue.  She either bit herself or smacked herself while having an episode.  One day she head butted me in the Adam's apple. It hurt.  

I spoke to the doctors and nurses and voiced my concern that she wasn't acting herself and that something was wrong.  I knew, I knew, I knew, it had to be drug related.  The doctors reviewed all of her drugs and decided to stop the steroids.  Apparently, the steroids and the breathing treatments were causing some serious side effects...irritability.  Baby girl was going crazy.  The next day she slept all day and I'm certain that she didn't even know that I was there.  After three days or so, she was back to herself.  

On her last day in the PICU, the physical therapist and occupational therapist came by for one last session.  They wanted to work on Sophia standing up and I was all for that.  It started out rough but Sophia Lynette finally found her groove!  

 Despite the look on her face, I LOVED seeing her vertical!

Unfortunately, we couldn't put her on the floor.  So, I grabbed a board book so that she could stand on a hard surface.  Eventually, she started settling in.

She was pushing through and I was so proud of her.

Doesn't she look like a big girl?!  Love it!!!


Jalei & Lane said...

Sweet baby girl!

The Hofer Family said...

She is so tall. I hope she is doing better.

Andrea said...

Yay for being vertical! Way to go, Miss Sophia!