Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Savannah

On 12/12/12 we celebrated Savannah Camille's 2nd birthday!  Just like everyone else this year, she didn't get a party either.  Hopefully, I'll be in a mood to throw parties next year.  Jeremiah baked AND iced her cake.  It was just us and it was a great evening.  My favorite thing about Savannah is that she is so loveable one minute and then so mean the next.  Usually, she's pretty good at eating everything on her plate.  I never have to worry about her diet because she'll eat almost anything.  Oh, and I love that she and Scarlett fight over who's going to bless the food at mealtimes and say the prayer at bed time.  At least their fighting for a good cause, right? I love her curly hair and she has the cutest smile.  She's 70th percentile for weight and 20th percentile for height.  She's a whole lot of love and we love her so much!  Happy birthday mama!!!

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Jami said...

She is too cute. Don't feel bad about parties. We don't have them anymore either. We try to take the girls on a weekend trip instead, but it never falls on their birthday, and they all have to share.