Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Part II

After having Thanksgiving in the country, we headed to the hospital to see Miss. Sophia Lynette!  We were going to spend Thanksgiving as a family if it killed me.  And it just about did but I loved it!  

Liz is missing because she wanted to hang out with her cousins for the rest of the day. It was fine with me because she doesn't get to see them much anymore since they moved.

Loving on Sophia.

Another tender moment.

Things were going well until Scarlett and Savannah started fighting over who was going to lie on Sophia's left side.  Mind you, Sophia has a right side but they had to sit on her left side. So, Scarlett started pushing Savannah away...

...Savannah wasn't having it and started pushing Scarlett out the way...

... Scarlett decided that enough was enough and decided to wrestle Savannah...

...I'm not sure how but Savannah ended up conquering Sophia's left side and left Scarlett on the sideline crying.  The end.

Miraculously, Sophia slept through the whole thing.  Minus the scuffle, we had a great visit.

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