Monday, December 24, 2012

Sophia's Week In Review

Sophia had a very busy week last week!  Some days were fun and some days were all business.  Here's what's been happening.

I heard that the Dallas Cowboys were in the PICU.  Before I knew it, DeMarcus Ware, #34, appears out of nowhere.  He visited the boy next door.  He visited the boy across the way.  Then he left.  Did he just skip us?!  Clearly we've been here long enough for me to see how things operate.  My thought was that DeMarcus/ the Cowboys PR team, visited the boys because they were older and were boys.  Sophia is a girl and a baby.  I was slightly disappointed but it wasn't a big deal.  After all, the child life specialist circled back around and gave us this sock.  She said that the Cowboys left it for us.

It was loaded with all kinds of memorabilia.  The Rangers came the Friday before but I had already left.  They left some memorabilia, too.

I love her silly faces!

She started to get tired from all of the activities.

Moments after she arrived back from surgery.  Her surgeon said that everything went well and there were no complications.  As for the cyst that was removed?  BENIGN!!!  Merry Christmas to us!

Her blood pressure has been high since surgery.  I'm really hoping it's a post-op issue and won't be long term.  As a result, the nephrology (blood pressure) team is following her.

The next day it was time for more physical therapy.  It took three PT's to help Sophia Lynette STAND UP!!!  That's right.  Baby girl was working on putting weight on her legs and feet.  The best part is that she tolerated it.

2 hours later...
Santa Claus came to visit.  Baby was clearly tired and Santa was so patient.  For a minute, I thought he was a real Santa.  He had the walk, the voice, the laugh, and the look.  And, that is his real hair! 

Sophia now has two teeth on the bottom.

She also has one tooth on the top.  It's nice to enjoy her precious baby moments.


Romy said...

What do you mean you thought he was the real Santa. Of course he was :)

So glad to read that all went well with the surgery. Best wishes to you this holiday season and a fantastic 2013!

Jalei & Lane said...

So glad everything went well! Love those pictures!

The Hofer Family said...

That first smile was priceless!