Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Part I

Thanksgiving was so busy this year! We did a lot of driving, a lot of socializing, and a lot of eating.  We woke up, got dressed, and headed off to Jeremiah's grandmother's the country.  He blessed the food, we ate, and then took off to go shooting!

Getting ready to take the first shots.

Here I am getting my Duck Dynasty on!  Phil, Si, and Jase Robertson would be so proud!  I'm pretty sure Phil would not approve of my Charlie's Angel pose.  But, HEY!  Phil and Si will always appreciate a woman holding a gun, JACK!

Jeremiah took us through the woods to get to the bottom of the river.  It was awful.  Every time the wind blew, I thought something was going to jump out and bite me.  I demanded that we take the road back to grandma's.  Once we got to the top of this hill...

...we had to go up this hill.  It wore me out!  It was so pretty but it was quite the hike.  He kept telling me old stories about when he and his siblings use to run up and down this hill AND how they played in the woods.  I have no desire to go camping or play in the woods.  However, the woods were easier because it wasn't as steep so I may try it again one day.

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How do I find your new blog from the old blog?