Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Parties

As tradition would have it, we attended our annual Christmas party at church.  We were late and then we left early.  Liz had a sleep over and had to be at someone's house the same time that the party started.  Anyway, I  made sure that we were at the front of the Santa line because there were a lot of kids and I didn't want to wait too long for the girls picture.

Savannah didn't want anything to do with Santa.  Jeremiah went with her and he couldn't believe that Santa was "real".

Scarlett had her Christmas party at school and the siblings and parents were invited.  It was a great day and the girls had so much fun.  

This is Mason.  Apparently, he has a serious crush on Scarlett...and...he's a bad boy.  Every week I hear something about how Mason got in trouble for something.  However, he's always nice to Scarlett.  Maybe she'll be able to tame this wild beast.

This is Scarlett's class but I think some of them are missing.

Still not sure of this Santa business.

Scarlett's teacher gave a gift to all of her students AND their siblings.  How sweet was that?!  She even thought of Sophia Lynette and gave her this bear.

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