Friday, December 14, 2012

Sophia Is Sick

The morning of December 3rd I get a call from the hospital.  Sophia is not doing well and they are taking her to the PICU.  She was having difficulty breathing and her CO2 was 117.  For her, 45-55 is acceptable.  Once again, I rush the girls to my parents house and head to the hospital.  There were so many people in her room and I couldn't even get to Sophia.  I could see that she was breathing hard, sweating, and crying so hard that I could hear it through her trach.  When I made eye contact with the doctor, I asked her what happened.  Apparently, Sophia caught a virus and isn't fighting it so well.  She was given a synagis shot, steroids, and breathing treatments and nothing was working.  Because her lungs are already comprised, she doesn't have much reserve to fight off anything.  Now, we ride it out until she feels better.  After a few hours, things settled down and baby girl was comfortable.  I got her all cleaned up and prayed that she didn't get any worse.

I always take a ton of pictures of Sophia but I rarely get a video.  This was a few hours after we got her settled and calmed down.

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The Hofer Family said...

Poor thing. I hope she gets better soon. She does look super peaceful in the pictures.