Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas was filled with family, fun, and food.  My favorite thing about Christmas was making it fun for the girls.  Jeremiah and I tiptoed and navigated around the house to make sure that we surprised the girls with the best Christmas morning we could.

 These little princesses decided to sleep by the tree so that they wouldn't miss Santa Claus.  We decided to trick them and placed the presents underneath the playroom tree.

Here's the mess Santa left for me to clean up.

The girls woke up and was so sad that Santa didn't leave any presents underneath the tree.  Jeremiah and I kept hinting to them to check the tree upstairs but they were too distraught to understand anything we were saying.  We helped them follow the trail of leaves (that Santa must have tracked in) up the stairs and they were pleasantly surprised.  Savannah assumed that everything wrapped in Spider-Man paper was hers.  She was right :o)

Liz has been wanting some black boots and Jeremiah got her some doc martens.  The girl wears out shoes faster than the speed of light.  Hopefully, these will last her for a while.  I think these were her favorite gift and she wears them almost everyday.

Scarlett is happy with whatever she long as it's pink or Hello Kitty :o) 

We stole our final move from A Christmas Story when Ralphie was just about to get his Red Rider BB gun.  After all of the presents were opened, Jeremiah told Savannah that there was more one gift.   She tracked Jeremiah's every move.  She opened the gift.  And she must have been the happiest girl on this side of the Red River.  She got her Spider-Man pajamas!

Savannah didn't waste any time putting those things on.  I wish Scarlett got dressed that fast.

When Sophia woke up, we helped her open her gift.  I was so glad that we didn't spend another Christmas in the hospital.  We spent it at home just like families should :o)

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The Hofer Family said...

So much fun. I love that they slept by the tree.