Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas Activities

I am so excited to be almost done with my Christmas posts!  I am determined to be done before February 1st.  I hate when I get behind because it takes weeks for me to get caught up with posting.  Anyway... 

  On 12/19 I took Liz, Scarlett, and Savannah to church for an opportunity to serve.  We spent an hour or so shopping through donated items for several needy children.  Because the girls are young, they kept saying "I need this...I need that."  I had to explain to them several times that they are not "needy" children.  Scarlett got the idea after a few minutes and Savannah finally got it about halfway through.  They worked hard and did very well.  I was extremely proud of them.

 Savannah coughed right when I took the picture.

 Then Scarlett coughed right when I took this picture.  I called it good and we went back to work.

The next day we went to Scarlett's school for her Christmas party.  Santa came and there was much socializing and much eating.  I love me some Christmas spirit in the air.  One more thing.  The pink dress that Savannah is wearing is her favorite outfit.  She wears it all of the time and even dug it out of the dirty clothes this morning in hopes that I would let her wear it.  I didn't approve. 

They are getting so big!

I love when Savannah gives the stink eye to every Santa that she meets.

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Anonymous said...

So cute. What a great idea about the shopping for others. Also girl I know where she gets her stanky eye.