Saturday, December 21, 2013


We have experienced our first fall in our new house.  One of the many things that I love about this house are the 19 mature trees that are beautiful.  When it was spring and summer, I loved to hear the wind rustle the leaves.  Now that fall has come and gone, most of the leaves have fallen.  Our neighbors are out every two weeks or so raking leaves because there are that many.  

In the spirit of teaching our children how to work and serve others, we headed out to rake half of the driveway.  I think we had five or seven bags just from the driveway.  The girls did well and I was so proud of them.  By the way, I finally paid someone on Tuesday to come rake the leaves because the job was/is just too big.  The crazy thing about the leaves...they're back already!  You can't even tell the yard or the driveway was raked!

They are working so hard and taking their assignments very seriously.

Savannah had to spend some time in timeout because she kept destroying the piles that Scarlett and I worked so hard on.  She was exceedingly happy when timeout was over.

  When most of our work was done, I let the girls play in the last pile.  Don't you love to see your children happy?  I sure do :o)

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Jami said...

I will trade closet cleaning for leaf pickup.