Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Day At School

On Nov. 15th Scarlett had a snow day at school.  The letters of the week were p and s.  The kiddo's were allowed to wear their "p"ajamas to "p"lay in the "s"now.  The snow was packing peanuts and it was pretty cool.  Younger siblings were also allowed to come play in the snow.  That's why you see Savannah.  I can't believe Savannah will be starting school in the fall.  What?!?!

 I do believe Scarlett's snow angel is my favorite pic.

The little boy in the green shirt is Mason.  Apparently, Scarlett is his favorite everything.  He looks out for her and always wants to sit by her.  I think it's cute.  Jeremiah already wants to know where he lives, lol!