Sunday, December 8, 2013


About a month ago we had some really cold weather and I decided to get the girls some new stocking caps.  Scarlett is into Hello Kitty and Savannah is into Spider-Man.  The other day Scarlett told me that she wanted to attend Hello Kitty College???  Savannah just wanted Spider-Man soup???  I have no idea where her love for Spider-Man came from but I love it!  We headed off to Target and together we found hats that they loved.  They are all ready for winter!

Scarlett was tired and hungry and was ready to eat after a day of shopping.  The last thing she wanted was to take a picture.  Savannah is usually game for anything at anytime.

The girls woke up and the hats were the first thing they grabbed.  Scarlett was in a much better mood so I tried my luck for another picture and I was pleased :o)

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The Hofer Family said...

We have hats like that. The girls wear them constantly.