Monday, May 18, 2015

Savannah's 4th Birthday

Savannah turned 4 years old on December 12, 2014!  There are so many things that I love about this girl.  One second she can have a mean streak.  The next second she is equally sweet.  If anyone falls asleep, she will find a blanket and cover them.  She gives me random kisses and will stroke my face so tenderly.  It's the sweetest thing EVER.  When we are out and about, she always think of Scarlett.  If someone gives her something, she'll say, "may I have one for my sister?"  She is so independent and doesn't need much help with most things.  She's helpful around the house, too!  She loves to conduct FHE as well as teach the lesson and prepare the activity.  She is great about saying her prayers.  I could on and on about this girl but let's get on with her day.  And it was quite a day, too!

The day started with a class birthday party in her honor.  Mrs. Talley, her teacher, pretty much did everything.  The only thing I did was show up with cupcakes.  Love her!  Then, Jeremiah made a surprise visit and Savannah was all smiles!  She is a daddy's girl 100%!  She was SO excited and it completely made her day!

One of her birthday requests was to go to the park.  After I picked Scarlett up from school, that's where we headed.  She LOVES being outside and going to the park.  In the bottom two pics of her by herself, she slid right off the slide and hit the ground.  Her response?  She laughed at herself and I loved it!

To wrap up her day, she requested dinner at TGIFridays!  The staff sang to her and she received a HUGE serving of ice cream.  As a bonus, Scarlett received free ice cream, too...just because.  OH!!  I think our waiter hooked us up with it.  He is awesome and we usually request him when we go to TGIFridays.  Good lookin' out my friend :o)

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Jami said...

That sundae is as big as her head. She is such a sweetie.