Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kesha Rogers & Ian Overton

On December 15, 2014, Kesha Rogers (politician), and Ian Overton,(husband and campaign manager) stopped by for a visit.  She ran for the U.S. Senate and was defeated.  Anyway, I was eating lunch and preparing to pick Scarlett up from school when the doorbell rang.  It was these two!  
We visited for a few minutes until I had to leave.  Jeremiah came home and asked me about my day.  I told him Kesha stopped by and he said "Kesha who?  Who's Kesha?"  I told him Kesha Rogers.  He was so surprise and very disappointed that he missed them.  Jeremiah is WAY more into politics than I am and I'm not sure how he found out about her.  We went to one of Kesha's town hall meetings and Jeremiah became a supporter.  Then he missed their visit.

I told them I needed TONS of pictures for Jeremiah because he was not going to believe this.  They happily obliged!  

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