Sunday, May 24, 2015

February Summation

 Savannah's Valentine's Day party at school.  Don't know what her facial expression is about but I love it!

Scarlett's spring concert at school.  There are four classes in her pod and this is her pod, Pod A.

The first snow day of the year!  The girls couldn't WAIT to go outside.  They made several snow angels and had a blast doing it!

Snow angels in the making!

When Jeremiah came home, he joined the girls outside.  Of course!

It wasn't long before he placed the girls in a rubbermaid container and sent them flying down the driveway!

On another snow day, Sophia fell asleep while she was playing...sitting up.  Then, the girls wanted to play in the show with bare feet because daddy did it.  Finally, the girls and Jeremiah had a snowball fight.  He thought it would be hilarious if he threw snowballs at me while I was watching him.  I would've been fine with it except that he was throwing them so hard.  You should've heard the bass from those things!  I just knew he was going to break my window.  After a few hours of fun, everyone went down for naps!

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Jami said...

Snow days are great. So how long did they stay in the snow without shoes?