Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fitness Challenge

October 24, 2014 was Scarlett's Fitness Challenge at school!  These kinders did so well and much fun was had.

 The event started with a run.  Next, it was on to mountain climbers.  We practiced those at home on the days I didn't go to the gym.  It was fun working out with my munchkin.  Savannah got in on the action, too.  Then they went inside for sit ups.  Scarlett was selected to show everyone how to do a sit up properly.  Finally, it was time for crab kicks.

Personally, I love the step!  It was my first love...regarding working out that is.  Everyone did so well.

The event ended with an obstacle course.

Scarlett did a fantastic job AND went to bed early that night.  Double, yay!!  Whew!  What a day :o)

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Jami said...

That is awesome! I love how fun they are making exercising for the kids.