Friday, August 29, 2014

Swim Lessons

Last month I asked a friend of mind to teach Scarlett and Savannah how to swim.  Shauna completely exceeded my expectations!  Her thing is pool safety and her objective was to teach the girls to find the wall.  Kids at this age are likely to fall in a pool or get pushed into one.  If the girls ended up in the pool on accident, they need to know that they should open their eyes and swim towards the wall to safety.  

This is probably the most fun they've had all summer.  Both of them are comfortable in the water and I love that!  Scarlett is the stronger swimmer while Savannah loves to float.  We pretty much swam at Shauna's house the rest of the summer :o)

First lesson!  The girls learned how to kick by using a kickboard.

They also had to get use to having water in their faces.  They practiced by putting their faces in the  middle of a ring and blowing bubbles into the pool.  Later on, they had to go to the bottom of the pool to find the ring they were practicing with.  Then, there was more kicking practice.  To my delight, Shauna had the girls jumping into the pool at the end of the first lesson!  Finally, there were hugs all around :o)

Both girls had to swim to and from me on the last day of swim lessons.  While Scarlett likes to swim and glide, Savannah likes to float and glide.  So proud of my munchkins!


Jami said...

That is great. I bet they are the cutest little fish.

Jalei & Lane said...

I may have to use your contact for next summer!