Saturday, August 9, 2014

Father's Day

Since Father's Day was two months, and I don't remember what I did for Jeremiah, let's move on!  But before we do, let the record show that I wanted to take family pics with Jeremiah.  Jeremiah was the one that was "indifferent".  I took it as a no and because it was Father's Day, I granted him that wish.  No pictures.

Moving on.  Immediately after church we headed over to my parents house to wish my dad happy father's day.  They start church at 1PM and we arrived at 12:25.  He opened the door and was in a t-shirt and shorts.  Then we had the following exchange:

Me: Hey!!! Happy Father's Day!  And why are you not dressed for church?!
Dad:  Don't worry.  I have time to get dressed.
Me: You have to get dressed AND drive there in the next 35 minutes!!  Listen, go get a shirt and a tie and I'll get my pictures why you get dressed.
Dad: Oh, okay, then.  Hold on.

My dad cracks me up! So that's the reason why my dad is trying to tie his tie while we took pictures.

Getting spiffy for church.

 Happy father's day, daddy!

One last pic before we left.  We were in and out in under ten minutes.  He never did get that tie tied.  But we sure put a big smile on his face :o)

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Jami said...

Love the smiles!