Monday, May 25, 2015

March Misc. Things

When we bought our house, I did NOT like the front door.  At all.  I knew that I wanted to replace it but never had the time to address it.  Until now.  After a couple of estimates, my new door was averaging $3200!!  Then I took a step back and realized that I didn't like the foyer being dark and yellow all of the time.  That's when I decided that the glass was the problem and I could live with the door.  As long as we repainted it.  The glass and installation was averaging around $500.  That price point was definitely better until Jeremiah had an idea.  He recommended that we order the glass and he install it.  So that's what we did!  

I ordered the glass and we were so excited!  Out of dozens of glasses to choose from, I was down to three.  Flemish, rolled gluechip, and taffeta.  In the end I chose flemish.  It was clear like we wanted but still gave us the privacy that we needed.  Jeremiah took one of the glass panels out to see what the foyer would like without the yellow lead glass.  The natural clear sunlight was beautiful.  On 3/18/15 we had the exterior door painted brown to match the rest of the house.

The pictures on the left are the "before".  The right side are the "after".  Goodbye yellow lead glass and hello clear flemish glass!!  So much light comes into the foyer now!  It took a few days to adjust to the new lighting.  I kept asking "who left the front door open?!"  We took the hardware  off the front door of our previous house because we loved it so much.  That front door looks great now!  

Sophia was learning to go up the stairs.  We used her favorite toy to motivate her.  Her physical and occupational therapists use the stairs as part of her therapy.  I'm guessing that she never went up on this day because I would've gotten a picture of that!  

I was cooking dinner one night and suddenly, I had THREE pairs of eyes watching me.  I knew Sophia was there but Scarlett and Savannah decided to join her.  I was tickled that they made themselves all comfy and cozy...just to watch me cook dinner.  Love my sweeties!

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